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This will become one of those case studies in B schools that will ask students to consider whether a promoters’ desire (and perceived moral right) to retain management control is legitimate, in comparison to the minority investors, who may want a change in control if that means a better return on their investment.. Just like addressing the source, distracting yourself from pain isn’t always the right answer. ” If you knew of the mass expulsion and murder of Czechs by Austria during and following the Thirty Years War, and centuries of Germanization that followed, you would realize that the Post WW2 expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia was NOT an unprecedented phenomenon in the region history.during and following the October 1938 annexation of the ”Sudetenland”, Germans set upon their Jewish neighbors and expelled the Czech minority (or their hostility otherwise forced them to evacuate) from the newly annexed border regions. 1, 2019Stories from MPACS Student Support Fund recipientsEvery year, Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) students benefit from the MPACS Student Support Fund, a scholarship available to students due to generous donations from Peace and Conflict Studies supporters.