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Superman has his weakness, and so do these spandex wearing pansies that yell in their name, ”Look at me! I’m a hero! You can never beat a hero!”. If you were a VC would you want anyone to know that the $X00,000 you put into an ”early stage company” was actually spent on hookers and blow? Everyone knows there are shitty people out there but you were the one who gave them money. Especially tiresome, when a traditional job would give you so much more (and healthcare, benefits, a retirement plan, etc).. Plus, Jim explains the biggest business lesson he received from his father, and why he believes that he’s in the people business, not the chicken business.. Seeing as Basquiat died in August four solo shows at 3 major international galleries in 8 months is a pretty big deal and would be typical for a major internationally renowned artist. ”We learn more about the human body’s ability to adapt to space every day aboard the International Space Station, said Gerstenmaier. The rumbling ground beneath him and the sound of trees being ripped apart made for a unique alarm clock.